Childhood obesity in America has been trending upwards for more than two decades and unless action is taken, the numbers will keep increasing. At Bambini Health, we challenged ourselves to come up with a school-side solution that everyone involved could engage with the students, their parents, cafeteria staff, and administrators.

That is how the Bambini Health platform came to be. Cafeteria staff can plan better menus using granular nutritional information, parents can make meal decisions based on what their children have actually eaten throughout the day (as well as make payments) and students can use the game-like features to make informed and proactive choices about what they eat.

Obesity in children is more than just a health issue – it is an issue of income and education. There are a disproportionate number of cases of obesity in children that come from minority and low-income environments, and often the food that is available at school is a crucial source of nutrition for those that cannot or do not eat well at home. Our technology gives everyone, of all backgrounds and financial levels, the power to make good, informed decisions about food.

Our Founders

Shaji Nair

Founder and CEO

Radhika Nair