Parents can track progress, plan, and pay for meals

Through the intuitive Bambini Health app, parents can easily create a weekly meal plan or choose from one of our pre-designed plans. There is a choice of school lunch payment options, as well as a library of nutritional and lifestyle resources.

Allows children to have fun learning about nutrition

The interactive app is a fantastic way to get children engaged in eating more healthy food and to teach them about nutrition in a fun and entertaining way. And if there are rewards it will be even more fun and intuitive experience.

Provides a children’s health dashboard for schools

For school administrators, the app provides all of the details and metrics required to manage the school cafeteria: incoming payments from parents, outgoing costs due to vendors, and in-depth inventory information.

Provides a children’s health dashboard for school cafeterias

Cafeteria staff can use the app to create and launch menus based on nutritional values, as well as track and update inventory to minimize wastage.


A fun, engaging way to learn about and apply healthy eating habits.


An easy, user-friendly way of managing school lunch payments and monitoring child’s nutrition.


Intuitive dashboard technology that provides detailed information regarding food consumption.


Menus can be easily managed and created, and inventories can be tracked and updated.

Winners of the Innovate Children’s Health Challenge II